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The break – through in high traffic flooring ,paving blocks have different applications Just like their unlimited designs. From a leisurely walkway to a loading or unloading dock silo, paving blocks fit perfectly and tastefully and its applications are many : garden walks ,park walks ,foot paths, pool sides ,public squares , petrol pumps, railway platforms,warehouses.approaches and so no


The semi –automatic process plant has a unique technique of producing vibration and  compacting hydraulically. This technique ensure the strength and precision required by interlocking to resist wear and tear.


Interlockers need no setting time, no curing time and no waiting time. It can be laid in jiffy!


When heavy loads are carried on pavements laid with interlockers the stress or the impact of the load is passes on to, and shared by , the larger surface area of the interlockers, thus making the floor more efficient in handling stress.


Interlock paving blocks keep looking good for many years. It has no maintenance cost.


So many designs, so many colours, so many uses at so little a cost. A versatile flooring that promises to change the concept of flooring forever.

The pioneers in Interlock Pavers and Landscaping products Excon Pavers is a company manufacturing a wide range of Tile Pavers, Normal Pavers, Hollow Blocks, Kerbstones etc.

Excon Pavers is executing large institutional orders for major Colonizers, Builders, Construction Companies, Industrial House and Government Organizations in the field of floorings, building blocks, kerbs. With a very prominent growth rate the company is well poised to take a big jump, now that they have an established clientele and the necessary organizational strength in terms of manufacturing, sales / marketing and supporting network. A detailed list of Product Range is enclosed along with the company brochure / leaflet.

We assure you of living up to our company’s motto “Quality, Economy and Service”. It will be our pleasure doing business with you and we look forward to a long-term association with your company / organization.

The new generation high quality concrete mouldings are here to stay. The trend is being given a concrete shape by Excon Pavers the leaders in concrete mouldings. The process of manufacturing these rugged, shapely and beautiful pieces of concrete mouldings involves a unique vibration and hydraulic compaction. This imparts high compressive strength and durability apart from aesthetic beauty to the entire range of products.

It’s easy to add intriguing design, texture and pattern to monotonous drives and walkways with the versatile paver available. Different systems meet a multitude of high performance tasks and provide exciting design opportunities for Landscape, Architects, Driveways, Sidewalks, Parking areas, Pool decks, Shopping alleys, Canal linings, Industrial floors, Petrol pumps, Loading decks, Ramps etc. are some of the applications. The use of paver is limited only by imagination